Why you should not use Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc...

Why do I need a website designer?

This is a question we hear a lot. There are plenty of do it yourself utilities out there such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy and more. We are here to tell you why they suck.

Like buying a car, building a website all comes down to return on investment. Most people wouldn’t purchase a junk car and waste their time fixing it, they would rather have a car that is: reliable, functional, and attractive. One that can be improved without a feeling of regret. The same should go for a website.

When using a website builder, there are often things that it simply cannot do. These are largely things that a website owner will want or eventually need: SEO, eCommerce, unrestricted page limits, Member Portals, zero advertisements, brand hiding, etc. Lack of these features cause companies to migrate to new hosts, and they typically find it very difficult to migrate anything useful over.

This leaves you to two valid choices. Hire a website designer or learn yourself.

Hiring a web designer
Finding a team is better than finding an individual. We often hear “My brother’s son built my website, because he’s good at that stuff.” While family may be good at helping you out, chances are – your site wasn’t done well or made future proof.

It takes more than a single person to build a proper website. You need designers, content developers, programmers, and a marketing team to get a large return on investment.

Learning yourself

Be prepared to spend hundreds to thousands of hours learning multiple programming languages. Technology and programming languages change every day and the internet follows that trend. A typical website uses HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and/or another server side language. If you decide to go this route, we recommend pluralsight.com.

Check out builtwith.com to see what your favorite sites are built with, and how they were built.

Websites drive trust and sales. Making the wrong decision can cost you your business.

Below is a brief list as to why you shouldn’t use the build your own webpage sites and services/tools.

website services/tools

Website Services/Tools Explanation List:

Not much SEO Customization

With create your own site services/tools, when it comes to being able to edit your content to be easily viewed by search engines, there is no way to do this; your SEO score will not be good and you can’t do anything to increase it.

Flash Based

Various create your own site services/tools use flash as their foundation for running a website. Flash is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks and other malicious applications/programs. Not to mention most browsers don’t support flash anymore.

Only 1 Page

You only get 1 page to put all your content on. This is not good because it leaves the audience feeling that the site is inexperienced or just a jumbled mess.

No Website Structure

There is no way to have any kind of structure to your site when using create your own website services/tools. No Navigation and only 1 page. Who wants to scroll for 5 minutes on one page?

Not that Unique

The create your own website services/tools use a base set of generic templates. For example Wix only has 500 Custom Templates, they have 90 Million user sites, that means if you pick any one of those 500 templates, there are already 220,000 other sites using the same template.

Discredits Businesses

Creating a business website on these website makers doesn’t appeal very well to your audience. You are effectively telling them that you don’t care about what you are doing and that you are cheap.

Isn’t Mobile Friendly

In most cases, these services do not have a responsive design to allow viewing your site on mobile devices, tablets and other smaller form factor screen in play.

No Support

When something on your ‘web-page’ isn’t working appropriately, there is no direct support from them that will help assist you in fixing what is wrong. You will be forced to research and do this on your own.

You cannot migrate the site’s existing data

Okay, so you think you built a decent site for free using the create your own website services/tools but demands and other things have changed forcing you to have to migrate away from these services. Well too bad, you will have to start from the ground up again, you cannot export the existing data from the site into any readable format.

Slow website speed

You are being hosted on one of the create your own website services/tools own servers, any data stored is not truly private and you are being hosted with several other websites on the same servers. This will impact site performance and speed greatly.

No Analytics or Reporting

If you wanted to link google analytics, you can’t and for that matter there is no reporting capabilities. How will you expand your site or brand if you cannot learn more about your audience?


If all the above isn’t enough to deter you from using these services/tools; maybe an advertisement from your competitor showing up on your site would. Or an ad for the free website service you used, showing all visitors what you used for a platform. That within its self is a security concern too.

You do not own the website

Still reading why you shouldn’t use these services/tools? Oh Hey, forgot to mention that you don’t own your website that you created. Its on their servers, they own your website.

In most cases you do not own the domain

If you are a business and are using these services/tools it looks really bad on your behalf. This goes back to the point of it devaluing your business. You look inexperienced or cheap to your visitors.

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