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SEO Preservation

What is SEO Preservation?

SEO Preservation is the process of maintaining your search engine rankings after migrating to a new website. Frequently when redesigning a website, SEO Preservation does not factor in before its too late; causing search engine rankings to crash.

When the website in question isn’t search engine optimized; all sites will be recognized by search engines, regardless; but the rankings on where it shows up will not be appealing. There are multiple ways to check current search engine rankings. Continue reading below to find out more information on SEO Preservation.

What is involved in SEO Preservation?

SEO Preservation

Many things are taken into account for SEO Preservation:

  1. An SEO Audit needs to be done on your old site. This allows identification of things that are helping you currently, or aren’t. If you haven’t done an SEO Audit before; you could be getting large amounts of traffic from a keyword or phrase, such as: ‘Where to buy cats in Charlotte’, without even knowing it! You would want to make sure that you didn’t get rid of your content or SEO methods that referenced Cats in Charlotte or you could see a huge decrease in traffic.
  2. New link names (URLs) need to be an exact match. If this isn’t the case they need to have a permanent (301) redirect set up to their new location. The page will be marked as gone and search engines will no longer display it. It can send users to non-existent pages.
  3. If a domain name needs to be changed, informing all of the search engines will need to take place; or all of your traffic will drop off and stay related to the old domain name.
  4. Robots.txt file may no longer be relevant! With change in a structure of a site, search engines could have multiple issues for looking for content that isn’t there.

Not convinced yet? According to a survey done by Yelp, 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. You can’t afford to lose customers that find you through SEO – it could be detrimental.

If you are interested in SEO Preservation or an SEO Audit and want to learn more about SEO yourself, give us a shout in the link below!

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