Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below is our most commonly asked Questions. Here you may find answers to help assist you in the endeavor of creating a website yourself. If you have any specific questions that you would like us to answer please feel free to reach out to us here: Contact Us

Who do I email to get in contact with you?2018-04-16T13:59:47-04:00


What are the hours of operation for your business?2018-04-16T14:33:58-04:00

8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST, Monday through Sunday.

How many people work for you?2018-04-11T13:39:29-04:00

Three full time Employees and multiple Contracted Employees. Many of our Developers work for other companies as well as working here.

Why did you decide on the name BagelCat?2018-04-16T16:11:06-04:00

Because bagels are the sign of productivity in the workplace, and who doesn’t like cats. Plus, it’s catchy and memorable.

What is the average cost of your services?2018-04-16T14:35:57-04:00

Cost can widely range. We have customers that pay as little as $75 a year only to host their site, and we have customers that do much more business with us.

What is your average response time?2018-04-16T14:38:52-04:00

10 minutes to 3 hours. Our response time is greatly dependent on how complex your question or request is. We may need to spend a large amount of time to give you a proper answer or to perform the work.

What kind of businesses do you service?2018-04-16T14:41:47-04:00

We service individuals and businesses of all sizes. We have packages for any, and every one.